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Wedding Planner

We would like to introduce ourselves WSD (Wedding Services Delhi) is one of the high end, cutting edge leading as one of the professional Catering Company in Delhi-NCR. WSD the Catering services easy and pleasant. WSD has been established for over 5 years in offering Food Service. The organization has been one among the leaders in the Catering with a strong commitment to deliver quality services to our customers.

WSD, the health orient food service concern, successfully catering to many weddings, corporate party, events, reputed institution and software companies in Delhi-NCR. Considering the monotony existing in the most catering contracts, we provide a wide variety of tasty & nutrition menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and midnight snacks sessions.

WSD is one of the reputed largest Catering organizations exploring a new horizon for domestic food services. The destination by providing food and beverages to corporate world. WSD has been dedicated mainly for customer satisfaction over the years. It would be our endeavor to add many industry features to improve future hospitality services for exciting business Site Catering, Events, and Food Festival, for the client. We offer essential information in the locale, destination depending on location base.

WSD providing the food services in a various sectors likes Business , Industry & Events, Weddings, family functions etc. We provide the services solutions right from industrial canteens to providing fine dining services in executive cafeteria.

WSD provides a wide range of Consumer-Facing food service solutions to people at their work place. WSD has the experience in catering to blue and white collared employees in various verticals.

WSD provides our services for corporate, special events, and anniversary celebration.

WSD provides the Catering with high standards of hygiene and the personnel will be trained to provide hygienic and friendly service to customers. Also their uniforms will be designed to augment the relaxed ambience and enthuse customers. The personnel will also be sent for medical checkup.